Welcome: The Purpose and Principles of "A Psychologist's Journey to Liberation and Life"

"What light is to the eyes - what air is to the lungs - what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man" - Robert Green Ingersoll

Welcome to the blog-site of "A Psychologist's Journey to Liberation and Life"!

This blog-site is dedicated to the journey and process that is personal development. Throughout my writings I will investigate, walk and describe my journey in Self-development as living and becoming my utmost potential. Central within this is being and becoming my own creator and liberator - creating myself and my life as an expression of the best I can be - from the core of who I am. Furthermore, I sincerely hope (and aim for) these blogs to be a source of inspiration for others as well. That you, as the reader, will find points of recognition within yourself and/or others; that you will find the trust and confidence within yourself to realize the potential that we all have within us; and that you will be inspired to start walking your own process of Self-development and Self-change; for the best of yourself and the best of all.

Throughout the blog posts my 'self-revealment' will be combined with asking critical questions that relate to our state of being/mind and how we can change for the better. How does one walk the process of self-development so we can become our own creators and liberators? What is actually holding us back form being the best we can be? How can we stand as ourselves within stability, purpose and self-expression? How can we break through a limiting and self-sabotaging mindset where we just automatically live our negative and inaccurate patterns and (self-)beliefs? How can we break the spell from the past? And how can we develop and live Self-Awareness, Self-Trust, Self-Honesty and other beneficial values and principles? How can we create ourselves while knowing who we are? What is our 'utmost potential' and how can we get there?

As a psychologist (MSc. Social Psychology; Bsc. Neurocognitive Science), life coach (EIA accredited) and all-round investigator of personal development in all sorts of traditions and methods, I have investigated the mind and our (state of) being in many ways: through science, meditation, religion, spirituality, courses on personal development, and - most important of all - real-life experience. This has been my primary focus for the last 12 years and now it is time to not only reap its fruits for myself; it is time to bring it into the world where everyone can learn and share experiences of personal development and grow.

I am aware that these topics and personal insights will sometimes border on the crossroads of empirical (psychological) science and self-developmental theory - yet, this blog-site aims to push the borders of what we know about ourselves as taught by scientific curriculum, spiritual teachings or self-philosophical theory, in order to look beyond what we know - to find the truth of ourselves beyond the controlled laboratory experiment, the assumptions of psychodynamic theory, ancient scripture, or any other source of Self-Knowledge. While Wisdom can be found in all, what will now stand is the test of real life experience within practicality, depth and effectiveness. Yet, it is important to notice that I practice the principle of "Investigate all, and keep what is good", which is and always has been one of my leading principles. So in self-developmental theory and its practice nothing will be discarded or omitted because of preconceived ideas or a priori judgment.

What speaks for what I will present as evidence for the validity of the covered self-developmental methods is that they are lived by myself and others - finding evidence and truth in the method as a function of real self-change in its practical and real-life application.